Selected Presentations

Present and Future of Muon Experiments

Lake Louise Winter Institute 2023, Lake Louise, Feb. 2023.

A review talk on particle physics experiments using muons at international conferences focused on high-energy physics. It introduced representative experiments and their results for both rare decay searches and precision measurements, and discussed ongoing and planned new experiments.


Precise measurements using muonium: from spectroscopy to interferometry

Muons in Minneapolis, Minneapolis, Dec. 2023.

A presentation on microwave spectroscopy of muonium and the development of a muonium atom interferometer aimed at precise determination of the muon mass. It introduced the results obtained in the MuSEUM experiment and presented a proposal for measuring the muon's mass using the photon recoil shift.


Commissioning of the ultra-slow muon beamline towards practical use with thin-film samples

MRM 2023, Kyoto, Dec. 2023.

A presentation on the development of the ultra-slow muon beam and its application in thin-film research at an international conference on materials science. It reported on the current status of ultra-slow muons at J-PARC MUSE, the results obtained through commissioning , and the progress of initial scientific measurements.

物質科学の国際会議における、超低速ミュオンビームの開発とその薄膜研究への応用についての講演です。J-PARC MUSEにおける超低速ミュオンの現状と調整運転によって得られた成果、および最初の物理測定の経過を報告しました。

Muonic atom spectroscopy at J-PARC: the Zemach radius measurement and studies on related dynamical processes

PREN 2022, Paris, Jun. 2022.

A talk on laser spectroscopy of the hyperfine structure in the ground state of muonic hydrogen atoms and relevant studies using muonic atoms. Particularly a searcg for parity non-conservation effects in muonic atoms was introduced. It reported on the development of instruments, preliminary experiments, and preparations for the spectroscopy experiment.


New precise spectroscopy of the hyperfine structure in muonium with a high-intensity pulsed muon beam

PSAS 2022, Warzaw, May 2022.

A presentation on microwave spectroscopy of muonium conducted in the MuSEUM experiment. It utilized the high-intensity pulsed muon beams at J-PARC MUSE to measure the hyperfine structure in the ground state of muonium. The presentation reported on the experiment's overview, the results obtained in a near-zero magnetic field experiment, and the status of preparations for measurements aiming at the highest precision in high magnetic fields.

MuSEUM実験による、ミュオニウムのマイクロ波分光についての発表です。J-PARC MUSEの大強度パルスミュオンを利用して、ミュオニウムの基底状態における超微細構造を測定しました。実験の概要とゼロ磁場における実験で得られた成果、および高磁場における最高精度を目指した実験の準備状況について報告しました。