*********** informal discussions *********

14  KenkyuHonkan 1F meeting room 1  from 2pm~5pm  

Nir             Yosef         From A_{FB}^t to Delta A_{CP}: The flavor connection.

Webber     Bryan               comments on top forward backward asymmetry  


4pm  Ibarra Alejandro         "Low Energy Signatures of the TeV Scale See-saw mechanism". 

15日  KenkyuHonkan 1F meeting room 2  2pm~5pm 

From 2pm 

Yuan         C P              From Top to heavy quark  

from 3:30 pm 

Nagano                     Trigger in ATLAS

*************workshop program *************


QCD wonderland 

9:00~ Webber      Bryan        "Monte Carlo developments in the light of LHC data"

10:00~ Yuan        C P          "Jet Substructure at Hadron Colliders"

break 30min 


11:30~ Polessello  Giacomo       Status of SUSY searches at the LHC"  

Suggestion from precision measurements 

14:00 Nir         Yosef        “Flavor physics: past, present, future"


Preparing for discovery 

15:30 (30min each) 

Kao         Chung        "Top Decays with Flavor Changing Neutral Higgs Interactions at the LHC"

Rui  Santos              "The 2HDM in the light of the recent LHC results"

Tsumura     Koji           "Multi-tau-lepton signatures at the LHC in the two Higgs doublet model"  

Park        Myeonghun    "Naturalness v.s. Higgs in the Supersymmetry"

6pm (party) 

Second day(17th) 

Pushing current limit 

9:00  Wacker      Jay         "High Multiplicity Searches at the LHC"

10:00 Le Compte   Tom          "SUSY at the Compression Frontier"



11:15 Lee         Jae Sik      "EDMs in the MSSM"

14:00 Kniehl      Bernd    "Testing NRQCD factorization in heavy quarkonium production at the LHC"

Preparing for discovery 15:30~ 30 min each  

Curtin      David        "Unbiased Mass Measurements at Hadron Colliders?"  

Takeuchi    Michihisa    "Top reconstruction for new physics search"

Harigaya    Keisuke      "Vector-like quark search at LHC using multi b-jet channel"

Yagyu       Kei          "Phenomenology of the Higgs Triplet Model with the mass difference at the LHC"

Third day(18th)  

Suggestion from Cosmos 

9:00 ~ Tait        Tim          "Collider statement about dark matter interactions"

break 30min

10:30~ Garny       Mathias      "Constraints on dark matter scenarios with nearly degenerate mass spectra from the cosmic antiproton"

11:00~ Hisano      Junji        "Precise calculation of direct detection rate of dark matter"

13:00~ Ibarra      Alejandro "Neutrino masses in the two higgs doublet model"

14:00~ (30 min each ) 

Akeroyd     A. G.        "Phenomenology of Doubly Charged Higgs Bosons at the LHC"

Iwamoto     Sho           Muon g-2 anomaly and 125GeV Higgs : Extra vector-like quark and LHC prospects


About the registration 

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step 3 has information on the registration of banquet, launch, step 4 about wireless LAN 

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