Workshop on "Monte Carlo Generators for HERA Physics"
      at DESY, Notkestr. 85, 22603 Hamburg, Germany

Working Group 70,  QED Radiative Effects

      Date:  Apr. 28,  1998  (Start-up meeting)
      Subject:  "New Monte Carlo Generator of Lepton-pair Production in ep Collisions using the GRACE System"
      Transparencies: PDF (330kyte)

      Date:  Sep. 02,  1998  (Working day)
      Subject:  "Short Report on the Progress of the Dilepton Generator based on GRACE system"
      Transparencies: PDF (197kbyte)

      Date:  Oct. 07,  1998  (Mid-term meeting)
      Subject:  "Progress on Dilepton Generator using GRACE"
      Transparencies: PDF (44kbyte)

      Date:  Feb. 02,  1999  (Final meeting)
      Subject:  "Final report on GRAPE-Dilepton Generator"
      Transparencies: PDF (175kbyte)

      My contribution to the proceedings: PDF(194kbyte), HTML