KEK-IBS Collaboration


The collaboration has been launched since 2016 to strengthen collaborative researches of the nuclear spectroscopy and development of measurement devices between RISP(Rare Isotope Science Project) of IBS (Institute for Basic Science) and IPNS (Institute of Particle and Nuclear Studies) of KEK. Under this collaboration, following items will be developed, installed at KISS (KEK Isotope Separation System) of WNSC(Wako Nuclear Science Center) and transferred to RAON facility of RISP project.



On 20-21 November, 2017, Korean delegation led by Mr. Hyunjoon Kwon, Director-General of Int’l Sci-Biz Belt (ISBB) Promotion Office of Ministry of Science and Dr. Sunchan Jeong, Director of Rare Isotope Science Project (RISP) of IBS visited KEK Tsukuba campus, J-Park and Wako Nuclear Science Center(WNSC) located in RIKEN Nishina Center(RNC). On 21st November, they and Dr. Jung han Park, Counsellor of Science & Technology, ICT, Embassy of the Republic of Korea toured KISS and MRTOF of WNSC, and large experimental devices and controll rooms of BIGRIPS, SAMURAI and SHARAQ of RNC. In a special meeting at morning, we discussed on large-scale accelerator facilities like RIBF and RAON* of RISP project.


*RAON is an ISOL-based RNB facility in next generation being constructed as RISP project of IBS.
At WNSC, collaborative researches and developments with RISP project has been started since 2016.

HADES : High Acceptance DEcay Spectroscopy system

  • Consisting of Super Clover Ge detectors of IBS
  • Operated by TIGRESS modules
  • Performing the spectroscopy in neutron-rich heavy mass region with KISS
  • Performing the in-beam spectroscopy at RAON


IBS Collaboration


IBS Collaboration


IBS Collaboration


MRTOF : Multi-Reflection Time-Of-Flight mass spectrogtaph

  • Consisting of a gas-cell cooler buncher followed by MRTOF
  • Measuring absolute nuclear masses of neutron-rich heavy RI's with KISS
  • Performing precise mass measurements at RAON

IBS Collaboration

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