Radioactive nuclei were produced by a thick target with 3-microA and 36 MeV proton beams provided by JAEA tandem accelerator. They were ionized and mass-separated as a singly charged ions by Isotope Separator on-Line (ISOL) of JAEA. Then they are charge-bred to multi-charged ions by using a charge breeding ECR ion source which were developed by KEK. This ECR ion source can also provide the high-intensity stable ion beams.
The multi-charged ions whose mass to charge ratio was 7 were accelerated by using the two linacs called SCRFQ and IH-linacs upto 1.1 MeV/nucleon.
TRIAC was open for users from FY2005 to FY2011. However, since the upgrade of the beam energy which were originally scheduled was found to be difficult due to the budget, we decided to shutdown the facility. The charge breeding ion source and the linacs were given to KAERI, south Korea.

Approved Experiments

Subject No.Title of subjectSpokesperson (Affiliation)status
RNB-K01Direct measurement of astrophysical reaction rates through 8LiH. Ishiyama (KEK)Phys.Lett. B 674, 276 (2009)
RNB-K02/K03Nuclear spectroscopy through b-detayed decay of spin-polarized nuclei around doubly magic nucleus 132SnY. Hirayama (KEK) & K. Matsuta (Osaka)Eur.Phys.J. A 47, 138 (2011) & submitted to EPJA
RNB-K04R&D for a test of time reversal symmetry using polarized nucleiJ. Murata (Rikkyo Univ.)Coninuted at TRIUMF
RNB-K05Measurement of the 8Li(a,n)11B reaction cross section for astrophysical interestT. Fukuda (Osaka Electro-Com. Univ.)Analysis is on going
RNB-K06Local field at 111Cd implanted in Highly Oriented Pyrolytic GraphiteW. Sato (Osaka U)Performed without acceleration
RNB-K07Diffusion Coefficient Measurements on Perovskite-type Structured Lithium Ion conductorS. Takai (Tottori Univ.)Analysis is on going
RNB-K08Search for highly excited states of 11Be via 9Li+d reactionT. Teranishi (Kyushu Univ.)Analysis is on going
RNB-J01Search for highly excited states in 10Be using deuteron elastic reaction to 8LiH. Miyatake (JAEA/KEK)Analysis is on going
RNB-J02/J03 RNB-KJ01Diffusion studied in Li ionic conductors by using short-lived radioactive beam of 8LiH. Sugai (JAEA)/S.C. Jeong (KEK)JJAP 42, 6413 (2008), SSI 180, 626 (2009)
RNB-KJ02In-situ measurements of Li diffusion in Li micro-batteries & Nano-scale diffusion experiments in Li ionic conductores by using 8LiH. Ishiyama, S.C. Jeong (KEK)continued at JAEA
RNB-KJ03"Extremely" safe Coulomb excitation of 142BaN. Imai (KEK)canceled by the March-11 earthquake
RNB-KJ04Measurement of the cross section of 12C(a,g)reactionH. Makii (JAEA)Analysis is on progress


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