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This is the joint workshop of the two research projects, UTQuest and Axiverse, supported by Grant-In-Aids for Scientific Research of MEXT and JSPS.

The main goal of the UTQuest project is to construct consistent inflationary cosmological models by integrating direct observations of the early universe in terms of CMB with other cosmophysical observations and high energy experiments and to quest for the Ultimate Theory behind these models. Thus, this project probes the Ultimate Theory from the high energy side.

In contrast, the Axiverse project focuses on low energy rich cosmophysical phenomena, such as the axionic instability of astrophysical black hole systems and the characteristic deformation of the power spectrum of cosmological perturbations, provoked by extremely light axion-type moduli, which string theory naturally predicts to be abundantly produced by compactification.  Discovery of such a phenomenon will certainly provide us with a crucial evidence for the existence of extra-dimensions.

In this workshop, we overview the present status of researches on extra-dimension probes by various methods and discuss the strategy for the next step, by gathering theoretical and experimental researchers in related fields in addition to the members of both projects.  In addition to invited plenary talks and research reports by the project members, we accept contributed talks/poster presentations by participants who are not project members.  In particular, we welcome experimentalists to participate.

Subjects to be discussed

String cosmology, SUGRA cosmology
High scale inflation, Anisotropic Inflation
Horava-Lifshitz theory
CMB B-modes and LSS
String axiverse,
Axiverse in M-theory
Axion cosmology, Dark Energy
Black hole instabilities
Axions in high-energy astrophysics
Axion experiments































A group photo of participants.

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