SoI Pixel activities
proc.pdf2nd version of the Proceedings paper for the vertex06.
proc.pdfProceedings paper for the vertex06 meeting. (V0)
20061226-Thinned-strip.pdfQuick report of the measurement of thinned strip
20060609-pisareport.pptPISA meeting report
20060421-LasertestLaser scan result (I)
20060420-Serial power supplyI prpopsed a serial power supply scheme. But it is an known issue.
20060417-miyakeFirst result taken reported by Miyake
20060414-LasertestPhotos after assembled with APV25 readout ASIC. Laser Scan stage
20060405-with APV25Photos before assembled with APV25 readout ASIC
20060331-Stripteg-photoPhotos Strip TEG assembly for I--V and C-V measurement
ReportofRCNP.pdf Summary of the RCNP workshop
20060127-SOI-pub.pdfThe slide to be posted to the web page.
20060127-1.pdfThe slide shown in the RCNP workshop
20060127-0.pdfThe preliminary slide for the RCNP workshop on MSGC and pixel detectors to be held 26-27 January 2006.
20051006-strip-teg.pdf Conceptural design of the strip TEG for the SoI test.
20050704-pixel.pdfProposal for the SoI detector production activity.
20050623-medipixSome slides on MEDIPIX project.