GRAce-based Monte-Carlo event generator for Proton-Electron collisions

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Published in
Computer Physics Communications 136, 126-147 (2001) ;
Preprint(hep-ph/0012029): PDF (345kB) , HTML;
INSPIRE recid:537993.
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The source code and manual (gzipped tar file):
v1.1c, v1.1d, v1.1e, v1.1f, v1.1g, v1.1h, v1.1i, v1.1j, v1.1k
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Introduction to GRAPE ( English ; Japanese ) (~400kB PDF)

Experimental-data analyses at DESY/HERA using GRAPE-Dilepton 
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Works in the HERA MC workshop in 1998-99
WG70 (QED radiative effects)

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