LH2-absorber R&D review meeting ,Mar 15, 2001 at NIU
Mu-Cool regular meeting ,Mar 16, 2001 at FNAL
discussion with Dr.Kaplan ,Mar 19, 2001 at FNAL
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Faraday Hall (NIU) Nothern Illinois University (NIU) k.y & s.i at NIU
members of Mu-Cool LH2 absorber at NIU discussion absorber test window at NIU
the LH2 absorber members belong to:
IIT (Illinois Institute of Technology)
University of Mississippi
University of Chicago
Osaka University
absorber test window (flange side) at NIU
Wilson Hall (FNAL)
site proposed for Mu-Cool beam line
in snowy night
inside the Wilson Hall
The building has being distorted in many years, So the Floor 15th is under reconstruction.
A pendulum is hanging from the top.
Mu-Cool R&D poster in FNAL
Mu-Cool R&D poster in FNAL
Foucault's Pendulum We couldn't recognize the precession in one hour.......??
Floor 15th is during construction. Viewing and exhibition area is closed.
15th floor on Winson Hall model of beam line Tevatron Ring from 15th floor
Tevatron Ring from 15th floor from Atrium
cafeteria in the Atrium what a nice guy ! Argonne Credit Union in FNAL You can change T.C to cash if you are member of the union.
cash station public phone postal service machine
Library in FNAL very slow unix-terminals are here. E-mail center in FNAL Windows2000pro /Pentium3 655MHz machines are available for visitor all day.
IP is auto-assigned if only connect a NOTE to the LAN socket. There are many PCs for visitor. HP laser printer is available from the Windows machines via LAN.
Lederman Science Education Center in FNAL
Geese welcome you. reception desk of the Center
science toys are here. bone of Bison many science events are posted in annual ring
American Bisons are kept in FNAL.
Next documents will come if the capasity of PSUX1 unix-server is allowable.
Next is .. the First Trip by air-plane and to foreign country / Museums in Chicago ....
We can view the Winlson Hall from the Bison field. (This place is also in FNAL)

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