contents by s.s , 30th Mar 2001
niu/fnal airplane hotel/chicago chicago/station fmnh-1 fmnh-2 artic-1 artic-2

hotel, buildings ,sears tower in Chicago

(hotel) Exel Inns Naperville IL turn right from Naperville RD.
town symbol room $46.99 (f-rate)
outside view ... snowfall
It looks like so cold First half of trip is snowy but latter
half will be fine.
We almost ate fast-food (BuonaBeef
, PandaExpress), but sometimes went
to Granada, Rosebud, Bangkok.
What for this car is? What is mortgage banker? Our rent-a-car was Ford Focus.
We went to Chicago city by Interstat
es I-88, I-290 etc..
Chicago has various kind of buildings!!
wonderful !
don't need words
Lake shore Rd of Michigan.
We are walking to the Sears Tower.
view from Sky-Deck of the Sears. Left side is L.Michigan.
Upper is L.Michigan. We went to the Sears in Fox Valley
few days later.