contents by s.s , 30th Mar 2001
niu/fnal airplane hotel/chicago chicago/station fmnh-1 fmnh-2 artic-1 artic-2

I've never gone to a foreign country and fly in an airplane. So this is my first trip to overseas.
Narita(NRT)/Tokyo <-> O'Hare(ORD)/Chicago ,AmericanAirlines Boeing777 economy
14th Mar 2001 - 21th Mar 2001
I left my car in Narita-parking and borrowed a Hertz rent-a-car at O'Hare.

In B777, various kind of information
is obtainable through LCD which is
set in each seat.
altitude ,velocity ,temperature
(for ORD)
(for NRT)
(for NRT) (for NRT) Big Screen (for NRT)
(for NRT) (for NRT) (for NRT)
(for NRT) (for NRT) Big screen & each LCD
(for ORD) dinner (for ORD) midnight snack (for ORD) light breakfast
(for NRT) lunch (for NRT) afternoon refreshment (for NRT) light supper
(for NRT) outside view...other plane? kitchen in B777 emergency exit
lavatory in B777
in Hertz pick-up bus in Hertz pick-up bus ORD check in
ORD check-in counter ORD check-in counter I'll take this B777 through gate K16.
near by gate K16 in ORD at ORD at ORD
At last, I came back to Japan. at NRT Thank AA & B777 !!
for ORD :
14th Mar 18:35(take off 19:00)
14th Mar 14:50(landing 15:09)

for NRT :
20th Mar 11:45(take off 12:29)
21th Mar 15:50(landing 16:10)
I obtained a nice experience.