Mihoko M. Nojiri
新学術領域 「先端加速器LHCが切り拓くテラスケールの素粒子物理学」
A05 (代表: KEK 野尻美保子) 「 テラスケール物理の理論的研究」
B04 (代表: 名大 久野純治) 「テラスケール物理における世代構造の研究」
共同開催 workshop
旅費の希望は締め切っておりますが参加を希望される方は最後に添付した 説明に従って至急登録をお願いします。 また14日 15 日に informal discussion を企画しています。 皆さんの参加を期待しています。


"Physics opportunities with LHC at 7 TeV"
KEK building #4 Feb 16-18, 2012

Program (Note Informal discussions on 14th and 15th)

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In this workshop we plan to cover physics issues in 2012 together with their implications for flavor and dark matter physics. In 2011, LHC achieved 5 fb^-1 of integrate luminosity for each experiment and provided bounds/hints on the Higgs boson and new physics particles. In addition, we found impressive agreement of multi-jet cross sections with theory, giving us hope that more ambitious analyses will be possible this year.

The existing bounds on new physics should have a major impact on other physics, such as flavor physics and dark matter searches. Searches for dark matter are still ongoing, looking for a consistent picture. The meeting will also discuss the possible impact on non-collider physics. If you are interested in participating in the meeting please send an e-mail to nojiri@post.kek.jp by Jan 15 with subject "POwLHC"

The mail should contain the following information:

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title of your talk (if you wish to talk)
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(we have limited funding to cover local, and potentially travel expenses of participants. )

The web page of the workshop will be open at http://research.kek.jp/people/nojiri/shingakujyutu/index.html