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List of 12GeV KEK-PS experiments since 1995
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K Rare Decay
Hadron Physics
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Exp.No. Spokesperson Title Status
North Counter Hall (EP1 & Neutrino) : Drawing (N-Hall, N-Hall&neutrino) , Photo
K5 beam line
E246 J. Imazato (KEK) Search for T-Violation in K+mu3 Decay Analysis
E470 J. Imazato (KEK) Branching Ratio Measurement of K+-> +0gamma Analysis
E471 M. Iwasaki (Riken) A Search for Deeply Bound Kaonic Nuclear State Completed
E509 K. Tanida (Riken) Gamma-ray Spectroscopy of Hyperfragments using Stopped K- Method Completed
E549 M. Iwasaki (Riken) Comfirmation of nuclear kaonic state and search for its excited state Analysis
E570 R. Hayano (Tokyo) Measurement of Kaonic Helium X ray (3d-2p) Analysis
K6 beam line (SKS Web Page)
E307 H.C. Bhang (Seoul) Lifetimes and Weak Decay Widths of Light and Medium-Heavy Lambda Hypernuclei Completed
E336 O. Hashimoto (Tohoku) Spectroscopic Investigation of Light Lambda Hypernuclei by the (+, K+) Reaction Completed
E369 T. Nagae (KEK) Structure of 89LambdaY via the (+, K+) Reaction Completed
E419 H. Tamura (Tohoku) Measurement of B(E2) in 7LambdaLi Completed
E438 H. Noumi (KEK) Study of Sigma-Nucleus Potential by the (-,K+) Reaction Completed
E462 H. Outa (KEK) Exclusive Measurement of the Non-Mesonic Weak Decay of 5LambdaHe Completed
E508 H.C. Bhang (Seoul) Coincidence Measurement of the Weak Decay of 12LambdaC Analysis
E518 H. Tamura (Tohoku) Gamma Spectroscopy of 11LambdaB Analysis
E521 T. Fukuda (Osaka ECU) Production of Neutron-Rich Lambda Hypernuclei by the (-,K+) Double-Charge Exchange Reaction Analysis
E559 K. Imai (Kyoto) High-Resolution Spectroscopy of Penta-quark ?+ Analysis
E566 H. Tamura (Tohoku) Hypernuclear ?? spectroscopy on 12??C target Analysis
Neutrino beam line
E362 K. Nishikawa (Kyoto) Long Baseline Neutrino Oscillation Experiment Analysis
EP1B beam line
E325 H. Enyo (Riken) Study of Chial Property of Dense Nuclear Matter Through Measurement of Meson Mass Modification in Medium Analysis
E337 T. Murakami (Kyoto) Angular Correlations in Multifragmentation Processes Analysis
East Counter Hall (EP2 & IT) : Drawing (E-Hall) , Photo
K2 beam line
E289 M. Ieiri (KEK) Hyperon-Nucleon Scattering Experiment Analysis
E373 K. Nakazawa (Gifu) Double strange Nuclei by emulsion hybrid method Analysis
E452 K. Nakai (SUT) Spin-dependent interaction in Sigma+ - p scattering Analysis
E522 K. Imai (Kyoto) Search for H-dibaryon Resonance via 12C(K-, K+ Lambda Lambda) and Study of Xi-N Interactions Analysis
E548 T. Kishimoto (Osaka) Study of Kaonic Nuclei by the (K-,p) reactions Analysis
mu beam line
E360 A. Shinohara (Osaka) -mesic Hydrogen atom Completed
E546 A. Shinohara (Osaka) Measurement of Electronic X rays correlated with Pionic X rays Analysis
E567 A. Shinohara (Osaka) Precise Measurement of Electronic X rays from -mesic atom Analysis
P1 beam line
E248 H. Kawai (Chiba) Search for H Particle in the Reaction of pp->K+K+X Analysis
E393 T. Murakami (Kyoto) Multifragmentation in pA Reactions at 8 GeV Analysis
K0 beam line @ EP2-B
E162 N. Sasao (Kyoto) Experimental Study of Rare KL Decays Completed
T3 beam line
E351 J. Chiba (KEK) Subthreshold pbar Production in dA Reactions Completed
K3 beam line
E228 M. Iwasaki (Riken) Precise Measurement of the Strong Interaction Shifts in Kaonic Hydrogen X-rays Completed
K0 beam line @ EP2-C
E391a T. Inagaki (KEK) Study of KL->0 nu nubar Decay Analysis
2 beam line
E417 K. Ishibashi (Kyushu) Measurement of Neutron Production Cross Section Analysis