Production of the radioactive isotopes (along N = Z, n-rich isotopes, VHE and SHE)

Optimal beam/target reaction channels, cross sections, expected secondary beam intensities

GSI  -  Research Program of the Reaction Mechanisms Group
ISOLDE Yield Database




Which nuclei (elements) should have priority for the studies (proposals, LOI’s, ongoing plans)?

Use of long-lived radioactive sources (cf. Fm study, actinides)


Target preparation


Option with pre-separator

MARA (Mass Analysing Recoil Apparatus) — Fysiikan laitos



Option without pre-separator

Total energy deposited in the gas cell / charge creation in the gas cell


Dual gas cell


Gas cell: I) collection on a filament, II) with exit hole

Stopping of atoms, diffusion losses and flow simulations: which programs are validated?

Gas type/pressure/purity

Chemistry (atom, ion and molecular): irradiation with UV light to dissociate the molecules(?), in-jet dissociation

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Optimization the gas cell configuration for stopping, fast evacuation and limited losses / gas-flow simulations


Gas jet formation


Differential pumping


Pumping speed


RF ion guide

Configuration (bend)


Space charge limitations

  • P. Karvonen, I.D. Moore, T. Sonoda et al.
    "A sextupole ion beam guide to improve the efficiency and beam quality at IGISOL"
    Nucl. Instrum. Methods B 266 (2008) 4794-4807



Laser Control System For Radioactive Beams



Spectral properties: range and band width


Laser cooling


Laser ion source


Resonant ionization spectroscopy


Two subsequent strategies

in-gas cell: broad scans (power and pressure broadening)


in-gas jet: high-resolution spectroscopy


High-resolution laser spectroscopy using weak transition to long-lived excited states


Optimal geometrical approaches for high-resolution laser ionization spectroscopy in the gas jet


N-type multiphoton Raman resonance


Isotope shift



TOF mass analyzer: multi reflecting (intensity limit?)




β-γ spectroscopy


Analysis of laser ionization spectroscopy data