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A Generator for Dilepton Production in ep Collisions
T.Abetex2html_wrap_inline1030, J.Fujimototex2html_wrap_inline1032, T.Ishikawatex2html_wrap_inline1032, K.Katotex2html_wrap_inline1036, Y.Kuriharatex2html_wrap_inline1032, T.Watanabetex2html_wrap_inline1036

tex2html_wrap_inline1030 Department of Physics, University of Tokyo, Tokyo 113-8654, Japan
tex2html_wrap_inline1032 High Energy Accelerator Research Organization(KEK), Tsukuba 305-0801, Japan
tex2html_wrap_inline1036 Department of Physics, Kogakuin University, Tokyo 163-91, Japan
Abstract: GRAPE-Dilepton is a Monte Carlo event generator for dilepton production in ep collisions. The cross-section calculation is based on the exact matrix elements. The Feynman amplitudes were generated by the automatic calculation system GRACE. In this version, all the electroweak diagrams at tree level are included except for proton-Ztex2html_wrap_inline1050 couplings and lepton pair production through photon radiation from the proton. This generator has an interface to PYTHIA to get complete hadronic final states.

(The source code is located in

Tetsuo Abe
Thu Jun 17 15:18:38 MET DST 1999