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Appendix B. Routines/function related to users

$\bullet\,$ Function DRN(ISEED)
provides uniform random numbers. All other random number routines are linked to this one. This routine is stored in the BASES library( libbases.a).
$\bullet\,$ Subroutine DRNSET(ISEED)
performs an initialization for DRN(ISEED). This is also stored in libbases.a.
$\bullet\,$ Subroutine READ_CARDS(LUN,filename)
reads input data cards from
$\bullet\,$ Subroutine SETMAS
provides masses/widths of particles and the QED coupling constant.
$\bullet\,$ Subroutine USRSTR(Ievt,Ngen)
can be modified by users to access the information on generated events. User initialization/termination procedures are also put in this routine.

Tetsuo Abe