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Appendix C. User event storing routine: USRSTR

This routine is called $(N_{gen}+2)$ times where $N_{gen}$ is the number of generated events. The 1st call is for the user initialization and the last one for the user termination phase. The following is the template file prepared in the GRAPE package( usrstr.f).

      subroutine USRSTR(Ievt, Ngen)
      implicit NONE
*------------ Arguments ------------
      integer  Ievt, Ngen
* Ngen : # of events to be generated
* Ievt : Counter --- < 1      ===> Initialization   phase
*                    1 - Ngen ===> Event generation phase
*                    > Ngen   ===> Termination      phase
*---------- PYTHIA common ----------
      integer           N,NPAD, K(4000,5)
      double precision  P(4000,5), V(4000,5)
       common /PYJETS/ N,NPAD,K,P,V              !!! Event Record !!!

      integer           MINT(400)
      double precision  VINT(400)
       common /PYINT1/ MINT,VINT
* (See PYTHIA manual for details.)
*--------- Local variables ---------
      integer     LUN1,    LUN2,    LUN3
       parameter (LUN1=41, LUN2=42, LUN3=43)
* (You can use the above logical unit numbers.)

******** Initialization of USER Event Storing *******
      if (Ievt .LT. 1) then


************* <<< USER Event Storing >>> ************
      if ((Ievt .GE. 1).and.(Ievt .LE. Ngen)) then


********* Termination of USER Event Storing *********
      if (Ievt .GT. Ngen) then




Tetsuo Abe