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    The recent unexpected result of BICEP2 has provoked tremendous interests in high scale inflation models, and lots of new ideas have been proposed within less than a year. This new development, however, rather seems to have made clear how difficult it is to construct a natural high scale model on the basis of a candidate of ultimate theory, such as superstring theory. This circumstance together with the issue on the foreground emission from dust strongly indicates the importance of thorough investigations of intermediate scale models that predict values of the tensor-scalar ratio in the range 0.01>r> 0.0001.

    In this workshop, we overview the present status of high and intermediate scale inflation models and discuss how to discriminate such models by various near future experiments including CMB B-mode measurements, taking account of the new results by Planck to be published in the form of paper by the end of January 2015. We particularly focus on the relevance of hidden sector physics such as string axions to intermediate scale inflation.

    The workshop will consist of invited review talks and contributed talks. Sufficient time will be spared for discussions.

Topics to be discussed

  • CMB B-mode observation experiments
  • Various sources of B-modes
  • Inflation models
  • Non-gaussianity
  • Moduli problems
  • Axions and hidden sector particles/fields
  • Cosmological gravitational waves

Invited Speakers

  • Adrian Lee (POLARBEAR/UC Berkeley) /Masashi Hazumi (KEK)
  • Carlo Baccigalupi (Planck/SISSA)
  • Kazunori Korhi (KEK)
  • Jun'ichi Yokoyama (RESCEU, U Tokyo)
  • Fuminobu Takahashi (Tohoku U)
  • Xingang Chen (Texas U, Dallas)
  • Michele Cicoli (Bologna U)
  • Masahiro Kawasaki (ICRR)
  • Tatsuo Kobayashi (Hokkaido U)
  • Gary Shiu (Wisconsin U/HKUST)
  • Jiro Soda (Kobe U)
  • Kazunori Nakayama (U. Tokyo)


Hideo Kodama (KEK, Chair)
Masashi Hazumi (KEK)
Tetsutaro Higaki (KEK)
Kunihito Ioka (KEK)
Tatsuo Kobayashi (Hokkaido U.)
Kazunori Kohri (KEK)

Shun'ya Mizoguchi (KEK)
Kazunori Nakayama (U Tokyo)
Jiro Soda (Kobe U)
Yoske Sumitomo (KEK)
Fuminobu Takahashi (Tohoku U)
Hirotaka Yoshino (KEK)

LOC & Contact

Hideo Kodama (Chair)
Kunihito Ioka
Kazunori Kohri
Seiju Ohashi
Kentaro Tanabe
Hirotaka Yoshino

Secretary: Tamao Shishido <tamawo (at)>
Theory Center, Institute of Particle and Nuclear Studies
KEK (High Energy Accelerator Research Organization)
1-1 Oho, Tsukuba 305-0801, Japan


    This workshop is supported by the KEK Theory Center and the JSPS Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (A) 26247042
    "Quest for the Ultimate Theory in terms of rich cosmophysical phenomena caused by fields and particles in the hidden sector".