Hi, I'm Shota.

I'm a Science Communicator at KEK


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I studied High Energy Physics (specialized in Neutrino Physics) in graduate school of Science, Kyoto University. From 2009 to 2014, I joined T2K collaboration and learned basic knowledge and skills of particle physics and accelerator science as well as getting many friendship-connection among particle physicists.

I completed coursework w/o Ph.D. at Apr. 2014, and chose to work as a science communicator. My daily work covers variety of items : planning outreach events, guiding lab tour, lectures to the public (inside/outside KEK), photos/videos taking & editing, web admin, etc…

My Mission

As a Particle Physics Fan (or Nerd)

I call myself as “A Top of Particle Physics Fan (or Nerd)”. Since I’m staying just beside the state-of-the-art experiments, it’s my responsibility to tell the public what is exactly going on there, what is the underlying interest, and insatiable passion of scientists.

As a Science Communicator at KEK

High Energy Physics and Accelerator Science is among one of the fields called “the Big Science”, where international cooperation and large financial support is needed. With the circumstance of decreasing budget in fundamental science, we need stronger communication with the public to get more support, otherwise we will be kicked out.

What I think important is to have “a place where everyone can discuss about science with open-minded”. Unfortunately, the lectures and seminars we held usually ends up in one-way. I want to change this somehow. This is one of the reasons I started “KEK Science Cafe”, a place where we can learn and have a chat in small group every Friday night.

In the future not so far, there comes a turning point. It’s plain as the day, and we shouldn’t be crying over spilt milk. To save the situation in advance, we should take every possible measures. And, I think, KEK must be one of the leading institutions.

Work Experience

  • 2017.06 – Present : Science Communicator & Webmaster, Public Relations Office, KEK
  • 2014.05 – 2017.05 : Public Relations Coordinator, Institute of Particle and Nuclear Studies, KEK



  • 2017.04 : Tsukuba Science and Education Meister


  • 2011.04 – 2014.04 : Specialized in High Energy Physics, Coursework completed w/o Ph.D, Graduate school of Science, Kyoto University
  • 2009.04 – 2011.03 : Specialized in High Energy Physics, Master of Science, Graduate school of Science, Kyoto University
  • 2005.04 – 2009.03 : Majored in Physics, Bachelor of Science, Faculty of Science, Kyoto University

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