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Makoto Natsuume

Associate Prof.

KEK Theory Center
Institute of Particle and Nuclear Studies
High Energy Accelerator Research Organization
Tsukuba, Ibaraki, 305-0801 Japan

E-mail: makoto.natsuume_at_kek.jp
FAX:    +81-29-864-5755 (Theory Center)

Research Interests: String theory, quantum field theory, general relativity

Other Interests: to write popular articles about string theory

Ph.D. advisor: J. Polchinski

Ph.D. institution: Univ. of Texas

Curriculum Vitae

Banquet talks by Joe Polchinski

1985-89 University of Hokkaido (B.Sc.)
1989-94 The University of Texas at Austin, Theory Group (Ph.D.)
1992-95 University of California, Santa Barbara & Institute for Theoretical Physics
1995-98 JSPS fellow  (1995-97:  Tokyo Institute of Technology, 1997-98: KEK)  
1998-2010 Assistant Prof. at KEK
2010- Associate Prof. at KEK
2002-03 Univ. of Pennsylvania (visiting professor)



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