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高エネルギーニュース Vol.35, No.3 (2016), " COMET Phase-I Cylindrical Drift Chamber "
吉田学立、森津学 [Link]


Springer Theses

博士論文がSpringer Thesesとして出版されました。

Search for the pentaquark Θ+ via the π- p → K- X reaction at J-PARC
Manabu Moritsu, Springer Theses (2016). [DOI]

Correponding articles

The COMET Experiment: Search for Muon-to-Electron Conversion (Proceedings of J-PARC2019)
M. Moritsu, JPS Conf. Proc. (in press).
Commissioning of the Cylindrical Drift Chamber for the COMET experiment (Proceedings of EPS-HEP2019)
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Status of the COMET experiment (Proceedings of NuFACT2018)
M. Moritsu, Proceedings of Science 341 (NuFACT2018), 142 (2019). [DOI]
Construction and performance tests of the COMET CDC (Proceedings of ICHEP2018)
M. Moritsu et al., Proceedings of Science 340 (ICHEP2018), 538 (2019). [DOI]
High-resolution search for the Θ+ pentaquark via a pion-induced reaction at J-PARC
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Search for the Θ+ pentaquark at J-PARC (Proceedings of HYP2012)
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Pentaquark Θ+ search experiment using pion beam at J-PARC (Proceedings of SNP12)
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