Hironori Nakao


Associate Professor
Dr. Hironori Nakao
E-mail: hironori.nakao@kek.jp
TEL:+81-29-879-6025 FAX:+81-29-864-3202

Research subjects

Under multiple extreme conditions, such as low temperature, high pressure, magnetic field and electic field, charge and orbital ordered/fluctuated states studied by resonant and non-resonant x-ray scattering technique.

  1. X-ray anomalous scattering study of a charge-ordered state in NaV2O5
  2. Quantitative determination of the atomic scattering tensor in orbitally ordered YTiO3 by using resonant x-ray scattering technique
  3. Orbitally ordered state in Y1-xCaxTiO3 (0<x<0.5)
  4. Antiferro-quadrupole Ordering of CeB6 Studied by Resonant X-ray Scattering
  5. Resonant x-ray scattering in LaMnO3
  6. Charge and orbital ordered states in Nd1-xSr1+xMnO4 (x=0.67, 0.75)
  7. Valence fluctuated state in Yb4As3
  8. Charge distribution of Mn ion in artificial superlattices [(LaMnO3)m(SrMnO3)m]n
  9. Orbital Ordering of Intermediate-Spin State of Co3+ in Sr3YCo4O10.5
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