IPNS@Theoretical Research Groups


Theoretical research at IPNS is conducted by the following three groups.

Theory Group

This group works in a wide range of theoretical physics from phenomenology to String Theory. The research in phenomenology is aimed at extending the Standard Model, whereas the research in String Theory is aimed at unifying both General Relativity and the Standard Model via a single framework, String Theory.

Computational Physics Group

The Computational Physics Group pursues research of the elementally particle physics by numerical simulations on a massively parallel computer. Our group consists of two subgroups. "QCD subgroup" studies the physics of the strong interaction by Monte-Carlo simulations of lattice QCD. "MINAMI-TATEYA subgroup" performs theoretical simulations of various decay processes for analyses of data from accelerator experiments.

Hadron, Nuclear, and Quantum Field Theory Gourp

This group conducts theoretical studies on hadron/nuclear physics and quantum fields. Current topics include hadronic interaction and high-energy hadron scattering in QCD, structure functions of the nucleon and nuclei, quark-hadron matters, nuclei with strangeness, string theory, gauge theories, and fundamental aspects of quantum mechanics.

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