The SuperKEKB beam dynamics (SKB-BD) workgroup is a virtual team dedicated to conducting studies of beam dynamics issues at SuperKEKB. Its members come from international laboratories and mainly collaborate with each other through internet with the general aims of better understanding the beam dynamics issues at SuperKEKB and searching for ways of improving its luminosity performance.

The active investigators of SKB-BD workgroup come from the teams of SuperKEKB, Belle II, FCC-ee and CLIC. The international laboratories KEK, CERN, and LAL provides supports to the group activities.

The SKB-BD workgroup collaborates closely with the SuperKEKB optics group and the Belle II group in the investigations of various subjects in beam dynamics to understand the accelerator physics challenges against achieving high luminosity at SuperKEKB. Meanwhile, collaborative interactions with other technical groups (Beam instrumentation, RF, Magnet, etc.) are expected, especially in the aspects of: 1) beam based observations and relevant analyses; 2) beam tuning knobs and comparisons with theories and simulations.

The subjects under investigations by the SKB-BD group include:

  • Beam-beam interaction: theories, simulations and its impact on luminosity
  • Nonlinear single particle dynamics: theories, tracking simulations and its interplay with other beam dynamics issues
  • Impedance calculations, and impedance driven collective phenomena: Single- and Multi-bunch effects
  • Electron cloud: simulations and comparisons with experiments
  • Fast ion, intra-beam scattering(emittance growth), Touschek scattering(lifetime), beam-gas scattering(elastic,inelastic(Bremsstrahlung, ions excitation)), beamstrahlung due to beam-beam interaction, coherent synchrotron radiation, etc.