Program of KEKPH07 (as of Feb/27)
Mar/1 (Thu)
Chair: K. Hagiwara
9:00- 9:40 T. Kondo (KEK) Status of the LHC project
9:40-10:20 Y. Kato (Kinki) Higgs and new physics searches at Tevatron
Chair: M. Aoki
10:40-11:00 M. Guchait (Tata Inst.) Use of tau polarization at LHC in SUSY and charged Higgs searches
11:00-11:20 K. Mawatari (KIAS) Tau polarization in SUSY cascade decays
11:20-11:40 Qiang Li (KEK) Distinguishing Higgs, Graviton and Graviscalar at the LHC
11:40-12:00 B. Jaeger (RIKEN, Wako) NLO QCD corrections to WW scattering reactions
Chair: K. Mawatari
13:00-13:40 T. Matsumoto (KEK) QCD physics at HERA
13:40-14:00 K. Tsumura (Osaka) New Physics search via W^- W^+ to t \bar{t} at the ILC
14:00-14:20 E. Asakawa (KEK) Potential for measuring the H^pm W^mp Z^0 vertex at colliders
14:20-14:40 M. Ishida (Meisei U) Test of the universal rise of total cross sections at super-high energies
Chair: H. Sugiyama
15:00-15:40 T. Kishimoto (Osaka) Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay Experiments
15:40-16:20 J. Kubo (Kanazawa) Discrete Non-abelian Family Symmetry at Low Energy
16:20-16:40 K. Senda (Sokendai/KEK) The earth matter effect in T2KK experiment
16:40-17:00 T. Shimomura (Saitama) Laser irradiated enhancement of atomic electron capture rate for new physics search
Chair: T. Morozumi
17:20-18:00 Kiwoon Choi (KAIST) Moduli stabilization and Mirage mediation pattern of soft terms
18:00-18:20 Y. G. Kim (Sejong U) Phenomenological aspects of Mirage mediation
18:20-18:40 Y. Omura (Kyoto) Fine-tuning in the models with non-universal gaugino masses at GUT scale
18:40-19:00 M. Nagai (ICRR) Electric dipole moments in pseudoDirac gauginos
19:20-- Banquet
Mar/2 (Fri)
Chair: Y. Okada
9:00- 9:40 K. Miyabayashi (Nara) Recent Achievements of Belle Experiment
9:40-10:20 T. Yoshikawa (Nagoya) B-Physics (theory)
Chair: Y.-F. Zhou
10:40-11:00 Y. Yamada (Tohoku) b to s nu \bar{nu} decays in MSSM at large tan beta
11:00-11:20 Jae-hyeon Park (Tohoku) Flavor violation in a SUSY GUT
11:20-11:40 E. Senaha (NCU, Taiwan) Update analysis of two-body charmed B meson decays
11:40-12:00 H. Hatanaka (CYCU, Taiwan) B to phi-K^*, eta(')-K decays and scalar-tensor operators
Chair: E. Asakawa
13:00-13:40 F. Ukegawa (Tsukuba) Top, Electroweak and Bottom Physics at CDF
13:40-14:00 H. Yokoya (Niigata) T-odd asymmetry in top quark decay
14:00-14:20 T. Teubner (Liverpool) g-2: The Rise and Fall (?) of the Standard Model
14:20-14:40 K. Hasegawa (Alberta) Large mass expansion in two-loop QCD corrections of para-charmonium decay
Chair: K. Choi
15:00-15:40 K. Hamaguchi (Tokyo) Stau at the LHC
15:40-16:00 K. Hidaka (Tokyo Gakugei U) Impact of slepton generation mixing on the search for sneutrinos
16:00-16:20 T. Morozumi (Hiroshima) Low energy Effective Lagrangian for supersymmetric seesaw model
Chair: N. Gaur
16:40-17:00 S. R. Choudhury (New Delhi) Constraints on Little Higgs model from Leptonic and Photonic Processes
17:00-17:20 M. Asano (Sokendai/KEK) Contributions to rho parameter from heavy gauge bosons in Littlest Higgs model with T-parity
17:20-17:40 S. Matsumoto (KEK) Hunting for the top partner in the Littelest Higgs model with T-parity at the LHC
17:40-18:00 Soo-hyeon Nam (NCU, Taiwan) Anomaly-free little Higgs models with SU(3)_c x SU(4)_L x U(1)_X gauge symmetry
18:00-18:20 Y. Sakamura (Osaka) Spectrum and coupling of SO(5)xU(1)_{B-L} gauge-Higgs unification model in warped spacetime
Mar/3 (Sat)
Chair: S. Matsumoto
9:00- 9:40 Y. Suto (Tokyo) Exploring dark energy in the universe through baryon acoustic oscillation
9:40-10:00 T. Matsuda (SIT) Chaotic MSSM inflation
10:00-10:20 T. Kanzaki (ICRR) Cosmological constraints on high energy neutrino injection
Chair: M. M. Nojiri
10:40-11:20 S. Moriyama (ICRR) Dark Matter Searches (XMASS experiment)
11:20-11:40 M. Senami (ICRR) Non-perturbative effect on thermal relic abundance of dark matter
Chair: D. Nomura
13:00-13:40 J. Shirai (Tohoku) KamLAND: Neutrinos from Reactors, the Earth and more...
13:40-14:20 T. Yamanaka (Osaka) J-PARC overview
14:20-14:40 T. Baba (Tokai U) What does mu-tau symmetry imply about leptonic CP violation?
14:40-15:00 Guey-Lin Lin (NCTU, Taiwan) Searching for the footprints of prompt atmospheric neutrinos and beyond
Chair: S. Kasuya
15:20-16:00 T. Watari (Tokyo) Multiverse from a particle physicist's perspective
16:00-16:20 T. Takayama (ICRR) Baryogenesis via left-right asymmetry generation by Affleck-Dine mechanism in Dirac neutrino model
16:20-16:40 M. Yamanaka (Saitama) Solving cosmological problem in universal extra dimension models by introducing Dirac neutrino
16:40-17:00 M. Takeuchi (YITP/KEK) The study of sq_L sq_L production at LHC in the l^\pm l^\pm channel and sensitivity to other models