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KEK Annual Theory Meeting on
Particle Physics Phenomenology (KEKPH07)

March 1 - 3, 2007
KEK 4th building 1F, Seminar Hall

Last Update: 2007/2/13

The annual KEK Theory Meeting on Particle Physics Phenomenology (KEKPH07) will be held at KEK, March 1-3, 2007. The topic of this meeting covers particle physics phenomenology in general, including GUTs, SUSY physics, flavor physics, perturbative QCD, lattice gauge theory and cosmology. We aim to discuss recent developments in particle physics theories and learn about the latest results and status of various ongoing and planned experiments, directly from the experimentalists.

All participants are kindly asked to contribute 500 yen towards refreshments during the meeting. The fee will be collected in cash on the first day. Your cooperation is appreciated.

Invited speakers include
  • Kiwoon Choi (KAIST)
  • Moduli stabilization and Mirage mediation pattern of soft terms
  • K. Hamaguchi (Tokyo)
  • Stau at the LHC
  • J. Kubo (Kanazawa)
  • Discrete Non-abelian Family Symmetry at Low Energy
  • Y. Suto (Tokyo)
  • Exploring dark energy in the universe through baryon acoustic oscillation
  • T. Watari (Tokyo)
  • Multiverse from a particle physicist's perspective
  • T. Yoshikawa (Nagoya)
  • B-physics
  • Y. Kato (Kinki)
  • Higgs and new particle searches at Tevatron
  • T. Kishimoto (Osaka)
  • Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay Searches
  • T. Kondo (KEK)
  • Physics at the LHC
  • T. Matsumoto (KEK)
  • QCD physics at HERA
  • K. Miyabayashi (Nara)
  • Recent Achievements of Belle Experiment
  • S. Moriyama (Tokyo, ICRR)
  • Dark Matter Searches (XMASS Experiment)
  • J. Shirai (Tohoku)
  • KamLAND: Neutrinos from Reactors, the Earth and more...
  • F. Ukegawa (Tsukuba)
  • Top, Electroweak and Bottom Physics at CDF
  • T. Yamanaka (Osaka)
  • J-PARC Overview

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