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KEK Theory Meeting 2006
"Particle Physics Phenomenology"

March 2 - 4 2006
KEK 4th building Seminar Hall

Last Update: 2006/3/7

Announcements for participants

All participants are kindly asked to contribute 500 yen towards
refreshments during the meeting. This fee will collected in cash on the first day.
Your cooperation is appreciated.

Invited speakers;

T. Sakai (Ibaraki Univ.) : Hadron Physics in Holographic QCD
N. Okada (KEK) : Model Building
T. Ishikawa (Univ. of Tsukuba): Lattice QCD
M. Kasai (Hirosaki Univ.) : Cosmological Constant
T. Matsubara (Nagoya Univ.) : Large Scale Structure of Universe
B. Dobrescu (Fermilab) : Extra-Dimension

K. Trabelsi (KEK) : B-Physics(CP violation & Unitarity triangle)
T. Iijima (Nagoya Univ.) : B-Physics(New physics in rare decays)
T. Kajita (Univ. of Tokyo) : Neutrino Physics
S. Yoshida (Chiba Univ.) : Physics@IceCube
R. Enomoto (ICRR) : Physics@CANGAROO
Y. Fukao (Kyoto Univ.) : Physics@RHIC
M. Kuze (Tokyo Inst. of Tech.) : Physics@HERA
Y. Takeuchi (Univ. of Tsukuba) : Physics@Tevatron
R. Tanaka (Okayama Univ.) : Physics@LHC
T. Yoshida (ICEPP) : Physics@ILC
K. Yoshimura (KEK) : Physics@BESS

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