Program of KEKPH09

Mar. 3 (Tue)
Chair: M. Nojiri
09:00-10:30 K. Hagiwara  (KEK) Lectures on LHC physics I (given in Japanese )
Coffee Break
11:00-12:00 R. Kitano  (Tohoku) Supersymmetry breaking and signatures at the LHC
Chair: N. Okada
13:20-13:40 K.i. Okumura  (Tohoku U.) Sparticle masses in deflected mirage mediation
13:40-14:00 N. Yokozaki  (Hiroshima U.) Deflected Anomaly Mediation in Nearly Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model
14:00-14:20 T. Kikuchi  (KEK) Z-prime mediated SUSY breaking scenario
14:20-14:40 M. Asano  (ICRR, Tokyo U.) A Realistic Extension of Gauge-Mediated SUSY-Breaking Model with Superconformal Hidden Sector
14:40-15:00 S. Sugiyama  (ICRR, Tokyo U.) Upperbound on Squark Masses in Gauge-Mediation Model with Light Gravitino
15:00-15:20 T. Baba  (Tokai U.) Estimation of Majorana CP Violating phases in approximately \mu-\tau symmetric minimal seesaw model
Coffee Break
Chair: Y. Okada
15:40-16:00 I. Sogami  (Kyoto Sangyo U.) Mass Matrices in a Gauge Field Theory of Horizontal Symmetry
16:00-16:20 N. Maru  (Chuo U.) Anomalous Magnetic Moment in the Gauge-Higgs Unification
16:20-16:40 T. Nomura  (Saitama U.) Gauge-Higgs unification model in six-dimensions with $S_2$ extra-space
16:40-17:00 T. Abe  (Nagoya U.) Z --> b bar{b} in Higgsless Models
17:00-17:20 H. Namatame  (Tokyo Metropolitan U.) A New Problem of Virtual Kaluza-Klein graviton exchanges

Mar. 04 (Wed)
Chair: N. Okada
09:00-10:30 K. Hagiwara  (KEK) Lectures on LHC physics II (given in Japanese )
Coffee Break
11:00-12:00 S. Torii  (Waseda U.) Present and Future Cosmic Ray Experiments for Dark Matter Search
Chair: Y. Okada
13:20-14:10 M. Nojiri  (KEK) LHC physics
14:10-14:30 W. Sreethawong  (SOKENDAI, KEK) Discriminating Electroweak-ino Parameter Ordering at the LHC and Its Impact on LFV Studies
14:30-14:50 K. Hidaka  (Tokyo Gakugei U.) Impact of squark generation mixing on the search for gluinos at LHC
Coffee Break
Chair: K. Hagiwara
15:10-15:30 T.J. Hou  (National Tsing Hua U.) Light Pseudoscalar Higgs boson in Neutralino Decays in the Next-to-Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model
15:30-15:50 D.W. Jung  (National Central U.) Charged Higgs boson in Left-right symmetric model
15:50-16:10 M. Yamanaka  (Saitama U.) Production rate of the second KK gauge boson in a framework of minimal universal extra dimension model at the LHC
16:10-16:30 K. Mawatari  (Heidelberg U.) Jet angular correlation in vector-boson fusion processes at hadron colliders
Coffee Break
Chair: K. Hagiwara
16:50-17:10 H. Yokoya  (CERN) Bound-state Effects on Top Quark Production at Hadron Colliders
17:10-17:30 Y. Kiyo  (Karlsruhe U.) Top threshold at LHC in NRQCD+resummation framework
17:30-17:50 M. Koike  (Saitama U.) Fourier Analysis of the Parametric Resonance in Neutrino Oscillations
18:00-20:00 Banquet (KEK Building 4, 1F Hall)

Mar. 05 (Thu)
Chair: N. Okada
09:00-10:30 S. Matsumoto  (Toyama U.) Lectures on particle cosmology & astrophysics I (given in Japanese )
Coffee Break
10:50-11:35 T. Tomura  (Tsukuba U.) Recent Results from Tevatron
10:35 - 12:20 S. Mihara  (KEK) MEG experiment
Chair: D. Nomura
13:40-14:10 Y. Grossman  (Cornell U.) Hadronization, spin, and lifetimes
14:10-14:30 M. Ishida  (Meisei U.) Universal rise of hadronic total cross sections based on forward pip and pbar p (pp) scatterings and further development
14:30-14:50 C. Yu  (Korea U.) Exclusive production of heavy quarkonium at B factories
14:50-15:10 Y. Yamamoto  (SOKENDAI, KEK) Flavor Physics in the Littlest Higgs Model with T-parity
Coffee Break
Chair: M. Asano
15:30-15:50 M. Nagashima  (Universite de Montreal) CP Violation and Beyond the 3 generation Standard Model
15:50-16:10 D. Harada  (SOKENDAI, KEK) Higgs boson pair production at a photon-photon collision in the two Higgs doublet model
16:10-16:30 M. Aoki  (Tohoku U.) Neutrino mass, Dark Matter and Baryon Asymmetry via
16:30-16:50 T. Yamashita  (Nagoya U.) Gauge-Higgs Dark Matter
16:50-17:10 K.Y. Lee  (Korea U.) Singlet fermionic dark matter

Mar. 06 (Fri)
Chair: N. Okada
09:00-10:30 S. Matsumoto  (Toyama U.) Lectures on particle cosmology & astrophysics II (given in Japanese )
Coffee Break
10:50-11:50 F. Takahashi  (IPMU) Non-Gaussianity in CMB as a probe into early universe
11:50-12:20 D. Zhuridov  (NCTS) (1) ATIC/PAMELA anomaly from decaying fermionic Dark Matter
(2) Leptogenesis from decaying scalars in the extension of the Zee-Babu model MEG experiment
Chair: N. Okada
13:40-14:10 K. Nakayama  (ICRR, Tokyo U.) Dark Matter Annihilation, Cosmic Rays and Big-Bang Nucleosynthesis
13:40-14:10 H.C. Tsai  ((Natl. Taiwan U. & NCTS) Constraints on Scalar Dark Matter from Direct Experimental Searches
13:40-14:10 E. Senaha  (National Central U.) The analysis of the electroweak bubble wall and sphaleron decoupling condition in the MSSM
13:40-14:10 M. Kohda  (Nagoya U.) The strongly coupled fourth family and a first-order electroweak phase transition