Press Release and Topics on Researches at J-PARC Hadron Experimental Facility

January 31, 2023


Press release on researches at Hadron Experimental Facility from J-PARC/KEK (only English articles)

l  Researchers at Osaka University participate in a particle accelerator experiment that creates an exotic, highly unstable particle and measures its mass, which may help explain the interior of ultra-dense neutron stars 2023/1/26

l  Internal structure of the Xi nucleus finally observed - New insights into the formation of nuclei and the structure of neutron stars - (2021/7/23)

l  The first determination of the Xi hypernuclear mass- New insights toward understanding of the origin of nuclei and structure of neutron stars (2021/3/2)

l  KOTO Experiment at J-PARC Hadron Experimental Facility Broke World's Best Sensitivity on Rare Neutral Kaon Decay by an Order of Magnitude (2019/3/4)


Research topics

l  Towards a Better Understanding of the Short-range Repulsive Nuclear Force (JPS Hot Topics, with movie) 2022/11/21

l  New Findings Hint Towards Existence of Kaonic Nuclei and Hyper-nuclei (JPS Hot Topics, with movie) 2021/3/3


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