KEK theory center workshop on
@Hadron physics with high-momentum hadron beams at J-PARC in 2015

Kobayashi Hall, 1st Floor, Kenkyu-Honkan
March 13 - 16, 2015,   KEK, Tsukuba, Japan


↑ ↑ Photograph on March 15, 2015 → → A large size picture (5.1MB.jpg) ================================================================================ Second circular KEK theory center workshop on Hadron physics with high-momentum hadron beams at J-PARC in 2015 March 13-16, 2015 Kobayashi Hall, 1st Floor, Kenkyu-Honkan, KEK, Tsukuba, Japan ------------------------------------------------ ***** Pre-workshop meeting: March 12, 2015 ***** "Toward a proposal on high-energy hadron physics at J-PARC" Meeting Room 1, 1st Floor, Kenkyu-Honkan, KEK, Tsukuba, Japan There is a meeting toward a J-PARC proposal on high-energy hadron physics on March 12 before the main workshop. Wen-Chen Chang, Jen-Chieh Peng, Shin'ya Sawada, and other people have been studying on a possible proposal. We discus topics on high-energy hadron physics, especially on exclusive (and inclusive) Drell-Yan, ... and related topics at this meeting. You may also join this meeting if you are interested in the topic. * We expect to have this meeting at 13:00-17:00 on March 12. ------------------------------------------------ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The workshop on hadron physics with high-momentum hadron beams at J-PARC in 2015 will be held from March 13 to March 16, 2015 at KEK, Tsukuba, Japan. This workshop is intended to discuss possible hadron-physics projects by using the high-momentum beamline at J-PARC. The high-momentum hadron beam was financially approved by the Japanese government in 2013, and it is expected to be ready in 2016. We list some physics topics in the following "Possible hadron-physics topics"; however, any interesting new ideas are welcome from both theorists and experimentalists. If you are interested in participating in the workshop, ***** please register by February 6, 2015 ***** especially because the KEK dormitory will be crowded in the middle of March, 2015. We are looking forward to seeing you at the workshop. Sincerely, Shunzo Kumano, Osamu Morimatsu, Kyoichiro Ozawa, Shin'ya Sawada (KEK) =========================================================================== ---------------------- High-momentum beamline ---------------------- The high-momentum beamline can transport the primary proton beam (30 GeV) with the intensity of 10^10 - 10^12/sec to the Hadron Hall, and it is a branch from the main proton beam of 10^13 or 10^14/sec. In addition, by installing a thin production target into the main proton beam at the branching point, one can obtain unseparated secondary beams such as pions etc. The beam intensity of these secondaries depends on its species and momentum. A typical intensity for 10 GeV/c (15 GeV/c) pions would be in the order of 10^7/sec (10^6/sec) or so. The intensity for higher momentum beams would be less. The construction of the beamline has been started. ------------------------------ Possible hadron-physics topics ------------------------------ The following list is just an example of possible projects. We welcome new ideas on the projects. * high-energy exclusive processes (GPD, quark counting, ...) * pQCD, partonic structure of nucleon and nuclei, spin physics * charmed-hadron physics, intrinsic charm and strange * hadron properties in nuclear medium * quark/hadron interactions in nuclear medium * related theoretical developments * other ideas on possible projects For getting a rough idea of discussion topics, you may look at the previous workshop In the workshop of 2015, we expect to focus more on each topic toward new proposals or updates of proposals, especially on (1) high-energy hadron physics (exclusive reactions, nucleon structure) (2) charm-production cross sections and spectroscopy (3) mass modifications and possible relation to chiral symmetry restoration. -------------------------------- Scientific program (preliminary) -------------------------------- The scientific program consists of invited talks. Please look at a tentative speaker list on the workshop web which will becomes a preliminary program in the near future. The talk titles are tentative ones, and the preliminary schedule could be changed including talk time. *** Please check the home page for future update.*** Registration: 9:00 on March 13 (Friday) The first session starts at between 9:30-10:00. The following is a tentative plan, which could be changed due to the schedule of participants. ***** March 13, 14 (Friday, Saturday) ***** * J-PARC projects * high-energy exclusive processes (GPD, dimuon, ...) * pQCD, partonic structure of nucleon and nuclei, spin physics ***** March 15 (Sunday) ***** * charmed-hadron physics * exotic hadrons * quark/hadron interactions in nuclear medium ***** March 16 (Monday) ***** * quark/hadron interactions in nuclear medium * hadron properties in nuclear medium Finish about 16:00 ========================================================================================================================================= Tentative speaker list (version 2015-01-20) Alessandro Bacchetta (University of Pavia) TMD parton distribution functions Konstantin Bliokh (Riken) Spin and orbital angular momenta in opitcs and electromagnetism William Brooks (Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria) Parton energy loss in cold nuclear medium Wen-Chen Chang (Academia Sinica) High-energy hadron experiments at J-PARC Yu-Bing Dong (Institute of High Energy Physics) A study of exotic heavy baryons Masayasu Harada (Nagoya University) Charmed hadrons in nuclear medium Yoshitaka Hatta (Kyoto University) Nucleon spin and tomography Atsushi Hosaka (Osaka University/KEK) Cross-section estimates on charmed-hadron production Charles Hyde (Old Dominion University) GPD studies at Jlab Yuji Koike (Niigata University) Single spin asymmetries in pp collisions Stefan Kofler (University of Graz) pi^- p -> D^- Lambda_c^+ within the generalized parton picture Peter Kroll (University of Wuppertal) Leptoproduction of pions and the pion-induced exclusive Drell-Yan process Zein-Eddine Meziani (Temple University) J/Psi physics at JLab and J-PARC Hiroyuki Noumi (Osaka University) Charmed hadron experiments at J-PARC Jen-Chieh Peng (University of Illinois) Intrinsic strange and charm quark distributions in the nucleon Jianwei Qiu (Brookhaven National Laboratory) Heavy quarkonium production Paul Reimer (Argonne National Laboratory) Fermilab dimuon experiment Misak Sargsian (Florida International University) Probing quark correlations in hard hadronic processes Shin'ya Sawada (KEK) J-PARC hadron facility Takayasu Sekihara (Osaka University) Determination of exotic structure of light hadrons Mark Strikman (Pennsylvania State University) High-energy hadron interactions in nuclear medium Makoto Takizawa (Showa Pharmaceutical University) Charmed hadron molecules Kazuhiro Tanaka (Juntendo University/KEK) High-energy hadron physics at J-PARC Oleg Teryaev (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research) Mechanisms of semi-exclusive Drell-Yan processes Izumi Tsutsui (KEK) Introduction to Aharonov-Bohm effect Sadaharu Uehara (KEK) Exotic hadrons at KEKB Satoshi Yokkaichi (Riken) Experiments on meson mass modifications Janus Weil (University of Frankfurt) Vector mesons in medium in transport-based approaches Feng Yuan (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) Perturbative QCD in hadron reactions ========================================================================================================================================= ------------------ Workshop schedule ----------------- Registration: 9:00 AM on March 13 Begin: about 9:30-10:00 AM on March 13 Get-together party: Evening of March 13 End: about 4:00 PM on March 16 ------------- Workshop site ------------- Kobayashi Hall, 1st Floor, Kenkyu-Honkan building Tsukuba campus High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK) 1-1, Ooho, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, 305-0801, Japan KEK homepage: Access to KEK: Campus map: Kobayashi hall: Lounge: -------------------------- Presentations, Proceedings -------------------------- Presentations will be posted online. Please provide us the pdf or ppt file of your presentation during the workshop. If your pdf or ppt file is ready before the workshop, please send it to j-parc-hm15(AT) [(AT)--->@]. We do not publish proceedings. -------- Deadline -------- *** February 6, 2015 for registration *** ------------------------------------ Registration of foreign participants ------------------------------------ If you are interested in participating in the workshop, please send the following form by email to j-parc-hm15(AT) ***** If you need a visa to enter Japan, please get in touch with the organizer AT YOUR EARLIEST CONVENIENCE. ***** ----------------------------------- cut ----------------------------------- %%% For foreign participants subject: registration, Hadron physics with high-momentum hadron beams, 2015 to j-parc-hm15(AT) (AT)--->@ [Personal Information] 1. First name: 2. Middle name: 3. Family name: 4. E-mail: (This e-mail address becomes your KEK user ID) 5. Date of Birth: (Y/M/D): 6. Nationality: 7. Gender: [Contact Information] 1. Home address: 2. Phone Number: 3. Alternate e-mail 4. Emergency Contact Person (usually family member): 5. Emergency Contact Phone number: [Affiliation Information] 1. Affiliation: 2. Department/Division: 3. Address: 4. Title/Position: 5. Phone Number: 6. Fax Number: [Schedule etc.] 1. Arrival date and airport : 2. Departure date and airport: 3. Do you participate in the party on March 13th? Yes/No 4. Do you have a dietary restriction? If yes, please explain. [KEK dorm or hotel] 1. Prefer to stay at KEK dorm or a nearby Urban hotel <--- choose one 2. Please provide the arrival and departure dates if different from the ones in [Schedule]. (KEK dormitory) (The link "Detailed information" will be fixed soon.) We will make a reservation. Please choose [single room with bath and toilet] or [single room without bath/toilet] KEK dormitory with bath and toilet : 2,000yen/ per night KEK dormitory no bath/toilet : 1,500yen/ per night (Urban hotel) It is about 15-min walk to the Urban hotel from KEK. There will be a transportation between the hotel and KEK at the beginning and the end of the workshop everyday. Please make a reservation by yourself from the hotel website. (We recommend type C which is newer than those of A and B.) Single room about 6,000yen/ per night (type C) From the hotel web page: Conference name: J-PARC-HM15 Password: See ----------------------------------- cut ----------------------------------- ------------------------------------- Registration of Japanese participants ------------------------------------- Please make your KEK-web registration as explained in the document . If you need KEK support, please proceed the web registration by assuming the support. We will decide the support just after the deadline (February 6) and will inform you. If you request the KEK support, please stay at the KEK dormitory. However, if you wish to stay at an outside hotel, you may follow the document (page 11). The financial support is intended mainly for young scientists who do not have own fund. If you have your own financial source, we hope that you use it if possible. ---------------- Registration fee ---------------- The registration fee is 4500-yen (2500-yen for graduate students and postdocs), including the fee for a get-together party and coffee. The payment should be done at the registration desk at the workshop site with CASH (Japanese Yen) only. Please note that the registration fee cannot be supported for all the participants due to a KEK regulation because it is for the banquet, coffee, and snacks. ------------- Accommodation ------------- There are two possibilities unless you choose a different hotel in Tsukuba. (KEK dormitory) (The link "Detailed information" will be fixed soon.) (Urban hotel) *** For foreign participants: Please send the registration information. We will make the KEK dormitory. However, if you stay at the hotel, please make your own reservation from the hotel web Conference name: J-PARC-HM15 Password: See We will inform you later how to confirm the reservation. *** For Japanese participants: (KEK dormitory) Please make your own reservation by following the instruction in . (Outside hotels) If you prefer to stay at an outside hotel by using your own fund or if the KEK dormitory is full, please make your own reservation by reading (page 11) . --------------------------- Visitor information, travel --------------------------- You may look at the following web pages: (KEK home page) (Japanese) (Visitor information) (Japanese) (How to reach KEK) (Japanese) Please read the access information from the Narita/Haneda airports at If you arrive at the Narita/Haneda international airport, you need to take a bus (or train) from the airport to the Tsukuba center Then, you may take a bus or you may take a taxi to the hotel or KEK. The taxi cost is about 3500 yen. It would be a good idea to show the map of the hotel or KEK to the taxi driver by printing out the access information page of the hotel web or KEK. If you stay at the Urban hotel, there is a hotel limo to take you from the Tsukuba center to the hotel. Please call the hotel to inform your schedule after you arrive in Japan. ----------------------------- Registration for wireless LAN ----------------------------- You need to register the MAC address of your notebook computer for using LAN at KEK in advance from the following web site:, (Japanese). Please write "6100" and "Michiyo Sakurai" in the contact section. Contact in KEK Phone number to reach you inside KEK: 6100 Full name of the liaison person in KEK: Michiyo Sakurai ------------ Organization ------------ Organizing committee: Shunzo Kumano, Osamu Morimatsu, Kyoichiro Ozawa, Shin'ya Sawada (KEK) Email: j-parc-hm15(AT) (AT)--->@ --------- Secretary --------- Ms. Michiyo Sakurai, j-parc-hm15(AT) (AT)--->@ ================================================================================

      Orgainzers:   Shunzo Kumano,   Osamu Morimatsu,   Kyoichiro Ozawa,   Shin'ya Sawada (KEK)
      Secretary:     Ms. Michiyo Sakurai (KEK)
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