Magnetization Simulation on Power Point

---power point can be a simulation display---


Magnetization of supeconductor shows a large hysteresis due to the pinning of fluxoids. Calculation of the magnetization is non-linear but if it is a slab, simulation can be one-dimensional and easy to handle by a numerical model. Even it can be done in a Power Point presentation interactively. Seeing a real time simulation on power point screen maybe impressive.

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You need to set security level of Power Point to "medium" or "low" operate. It can be done through tool->macro->security. After setting the security level, Power Point need to be closed once to enable the setting.
The first page explains the parameters of simulation. Go to the second page and after. You can hit the "reset" button and "start" button on the screen. The parameters of the simulation can be changed by clicking the box.