High Field Magnet Development

Future High Energy Accelerator needs higher magnetic field. A effort toward high field magnet has been going on. Future high energy accelerator would be built by the world wide collaboration. The effort toward the high field magnet development should also made as a part of international collaboration. KEK has been working with FNAL in the designing and technological development of Nb3Sn dipole magnet.
Test winding for the development of end configuration
Test winding for the development of end configuration
Furnace for the magnet curing
I.D20cm and length 1.5m. The temperature can be controlled within 1C accuracy by 4 temperature controllers.
Split solenoid magnet with 14T magnetic field
Nb3Sn Cable for the magnet. High current density Nb3Sn is necessary for the development of accelerator magnet. The development of high current density conductor is an improtant part of the project.