VENUS magnet construction

In the KEK TRISTAN e+e- collider project, the largest superconducting magnet in the world at that time was constructed. Here are some of the construction photos of VENUS detector solenoid manget.
venus6 The winding of the coil. The alminum stabilized cable was first wound on the bobbin.
venus2 Cooling plates to hold the coil from outside. Coil case was formed by the welding of these plates. This is a cut up of the test welding.
venus5 Superconducting coil with the coil case. The coil bobbin diameter was reduced before the welding of the case and expanded again to press against the case wall. The bobbin was removed after the curing of the insulator.
venus1 CFRP vacuum vessel to make entire magnet transparent.
venus4 Insertion of the coil into the CFRP cryostat.
venus7 Size of the inner volume with my photo standing in the magnet.