* LHC Magnet Project

Cryogenics Science Center is the active home of the insertion quadrupole magnet R&D for LHC at CERN . A 400W refrigerator is installed for the testing and development of the LHC magnets.

* High Field Magnet Project

Cryogenics Science Center works on the future development of highfield magnet. Compound materials for the use of high magnetic field are intensively studied.

* Large-Scale Cryogenic Gravitational-wave Telescope

LCGT is a Japanese future project of the underground km-scale interferometric gravitational-wave detector with cryogenic mirrors. The main purpose of LCGT is the detection of the gravitational wave generated by the coalescence of binary neutron stars whithin 244Mpc.

* Liquid Helium Production

Cryogenics Science Center provides liquid helium for the various low temperature experiments and development at KEK. A 200 l/h helium liquefier is runnning throughout the year for this purpose.

Rules of Helium Supply

  1. Liquid helium can be supplied on Tuesday through Friday of every week. There are some blackout dates for the regular inspection. Note for the announcements.
  2. Request for helium supply must be made no later than Friday 5pm of the previous week.
  3. Experimenter should provide the transportation of the vessel and recovery of the gas.
  4. Helium vessel must be pre-cooled prior to the supply.We appreciate the cooperation of users.


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