<<  How to store seeds of the random number generation >>

It may be necessary to store seeds of the random number generator, e.g. to generate a great number of events, in the event generation step using the executable 'spring'.  This can be done by setting the data card 'RNDGEN' to be 'true' as follows,

C ----------------
C << Use of the random number seed >>
RNDGEN   true
C ----------------

when you generate events.  After the execution of 'spring', a binary file named 'rndstat.dat' is created, which has the seed information.  If you rename the file: 'rndstat.dat' into 'rndstat.dat.prev', the second execution of 'spring' will start just after the end of the random number series of the first execution.  In other words, if a file named 'rndstat.dat.prev' exists, random number seeds stored in the file are used, otherwise the built-in (default) seeds are used.

This function is available only when you have changed neither 'random.f' nor 'drn.f', i.e. you are using the built-in random number generator in GRAPE-Dilepton.

The above procedure is performed with the subroutines in 'rnd_stat.f'.

The default value of the data card 'RNDGEN' is 'false'.

The data card 'RNDGEN' is not used in the integration step.

The data card 'RNDGEN' is available since the version 1.1c.

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Last  updated  on  May 25,  2002