Scans of the simulated ILD models

These pages are designed to help validate simulated detector models, by displaying what materials are present in the ILD simulation models, and the properties of hits produced in the various subdetectors.

A number of views of the detector have been created: these are 2-dimensional slices through the detector.

The data are saved as 2-d histograms (.root files available in the "rootfiles" directory), and also displayed graphically in the "pics" directory.

The "summary.html" page under "pics" gives a quick overview of the scans which have been made. More details of the material distribution in each slice are available in the subdirectories of "pics".

Maps of hits produced by 50 GeV muons are also included. These show the energy, time, and position of simulated hits, as well as the correlation of hit indices and position. These plots are produced by the validateSim processor in the ILDPerformance package.

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ct scans

ilcsoft v02-00-00

ct scans