Strings and Fields Group Seminar
@KEK Theory Center

KEK理論センター 弦と場グループセミナー

TITLE Thermodynamics of black M-branes from SCFTs
SPEAKER Dr. Shotaro Shiba (柴 正太郎氏)
LANGUAGE: Up to audience
DATE: June 19 (Wed) 13:30 − 15:00
PLACE: Kenkyu-Honkan 1F, Meeting Room 3


We discuss thermodynamics of N M2- and M5-branes by using the method proposed by Smilga and Wiseman, which explains the black Dp-brane thermodynamics from the maximally supersymmetric U(N) Yang-Mills theories. As result we obtain the consistent results with the predictions from the eleven-dimensional supergravity by very simple calculations: The free energy of M2-branes is evaluated by using ABJM theory as F ∼ N3/2k1/2T3, and that of M5-branes is estimated by assuming some natural properties of 6d conformal field theory as F ∼ N3T6.