Strings and Fields Group Seminar
@KEK Theory Center

KEK理論センター 弦と場グループセミナー

TITLE Exact results of theories with SU(2|4) symmetry and gauge/gravity correspondence
SPEAKER Dr. Shinji Shimasaki (島崎信二氏)
(Kyoto University)
LANGUAGE: Up to audience
DATE: May 8 (Tue.) 13:30 − 15:00
PLACE: Kenkyu-Honkan 1F, Meeting Room 1


We study the theories with SU(2|4) symmetry which consist of the plane wave matrix model (PWMM), super Yang-Mills theory (SYM) on RxS^2 and SYM on RxS^3/Z_k. The last two theories can be realized as theories around particular vacua in PWMM, through the commutative limit of fuzzy sphere and Taylor's T-duality. We apply the localization method to PWMM to reduce the partition function and the expectation values of a class of supersymmetric operators to matrix integrals. By taking the commutative limit and performing the T-duality, we then obtain the matrix integrals for SYM on RxS^2 and SYM on RxS^3/Z_k. We also discuss some applications of our results to gauge/gravity correspondence and little string theory on RxS^5.