Theory Seminar

KEK 素粒子原子核研究所・理論セミナー

TITLE Radiation from accelerated particles in shocks and reconnections
(英語/in English)
SPEAKER Ken-ichi Nishikawa
DATE: March 23 (Fri.) 10:30 − 11:30
PLACE: Kenkyu Honkan 1F, Meeting Room 3 (研究本館1階会議室3)


We have investigated particle acceleration and shock structure associated with an unmagnetized relativistic jets propagating into an unmagnetized plasmas. Strong magnetic fields generated in the trailing shock contribute to the electronstransverse deflection and acceleration. We have calculated, self-consistently, the radiation from electrons accelerated in the turbulent magnetic fields. We found that the synthetic spectra depend on the Lorentz factor of the jet, its thermal temperature and strength of the generated magnetic fields. The properties of the radiation may be important for understanding the complex time evolutionand/or spectral structure in gamma-ray bursts, relativistic jets in general, and supernova remnants.