Theory Seminar

KEK 素粒子原子核研究所・理論セミナー

TITLE Dark matter in UED : the role of the second KK level
(英語 / in English)
SPEAKER Dr. Mitsuru Kakizaki (柿崎 充)
Toyama University (富山大学)
DATE: October 18 (Thu.) 11:00 − 12:00
PLACE: 4th building 3F, Room 345 (4号館345室)


We perform a complete calculation of the relic abundance of the KK-photon LKP in the universal extra dimension model including all coannihilation channels and all resonances. We show that the production of level 2 particles which decay dominantly into SM particles contribute significantly to coannihilation processes involving level 1 KK-leptons. As a result the preferred dark matter scale is increased to R^{-1}=1.3 TeV. A dark matter candidate at or below the TeV scale can only be found in the non-minimal model by reducing the mass splittings between the KK-particles and the LKP. The LKP nucleon scattering cross section is typically small, \sigma < 10^{-10} pb, unless the KK-quarks are nearly degenerate with the LKP.

Reference: G. Belanger, M. Kakizaki, A. Pukhov, JCAP 02, 009 (2011). [arXiv:1012.2577 [hep-ph]].