KEK Theory Workshop 2015 Dec.
December 1-4

  12/ 1(Tue) 2(Wed)  3(Thu)  4(Fri) 
9:30-10:10 Registration Nitta
Chair: Sugino
Chair: Fukushima
Chair: Yoneya
 10:20-11:00  Nakayama
Chair: Morita
Chair: Sugino
 Chair: Fukushima
Chair: Yoneya
 11:10-11:40  Honda,
Chair: Morita
Chair: Aoki
Chair: Fukushima
Chair: Yoneya
  Lunch    Closing (10 min) 
 13:30-14:10  Rey
Chair: Kimura
Chair: Aoki
Chair: Sakai
 14:15-14:55  Terashima
Chair: Kimura
Gong show
  (1 min poster

Poster Session
Chair: Sakai
 15:10-16:10  Sakatani, Muraki,
Heller, Masuda
Chair: Tsuchiya

 Ishihara, Numasawa,
Takahashi, Okazaki
Chair: Nakamura
 16:25-17:25  Ishiki, Matsumoto,
Matsuda, Itoh

Chair: Tsuchiya
 Tanaka, Bhowmick,
Hamada, Ichinose
Chair: Shiba
 18:00-21:00   Banquet  

○ invited talk (35+5 min) , short talk (10+5 min)


 Speaker (order of talks)  Title
NAKAYAMA Yu Looking for dead-end CFTs
 Soo-Jong Rey  Comments of higher spin AdS compactification
 TERASHIMA Seiji  Exact Path Integral for 3D Quantum Gravity
 NITTA Muneto Fractional Instantons and Bions
 SHIGEMORI Masaki  The microstate geometry program and superstrata
 Gerald V. Dunne  Resurgence and Non-Perturbative Physics
 RYU Shinsei  Bulk/boundary correspondence in topological phases
 Xiao-Gang Wen  A non perturbative definition of the standard model and the solution of chiral fermion problem
 Ken Intriligator  Aspects of susy CFTs and RG flows
 HORI Kentaro  D-brane transport in gauged linear sigma models
 KAWAI Hikaru  A self-consistent model of evaporating black holes

Short talk

This year the program includes short talks in addition to long talks (40 min.) given by invited speakers. If you intend to apply for a short talk, select "yes" for "Oral presentation" in the Workshop registration form.

(order of talks)
 1 HONDA Masazumi The Interpolating function
 2 TADA Tsukasa Dipolar quantization and the Hilbert space structure
 3 SAKATANI Yuho O(D,D) Covariant Noether Currents and Global Charges in Double Field Theory
 4 MURAKI Hisayoshi Gravity theory on Poisson manifold with R-flux
 5 HELLER Marc Andre Topological sigma model with R-flux and dualities of Courant algebroids
 6 MASUDA Toru Topological defects in open string field theory
 7 ISHIKI Goro Spherical M5-branes from the plane wave matrix model
 8 MATSUMOTO Takaki Kahler Structure in Matrix Geometry
 9 MATUSDA Mikoto Two-loop quantum corrections to Cosmological constant
 10 ITO Yuta The complex Langevin approach to the matrix model with the spontaneous rotational symmetry breaking
 11 OTSUKA Hajime New forms of potential for string axion inflation
 12 KASAI Aya Decay of False Vacuum via Fuzzy Monopole in String Theory
 13 SUMITOMO Yosuke De Sitter vacua from a D-term generated racetrack potential in hypersurface Calabi-Yau compactifications
 14 KUROKI Tsunehide Nonperturbative ambiguity and instanton in supersymmetric matrix model
 15 TANIZAKI Yuya Lefschetz-thimble and complex Langevin approaches to Silver Blaze of one-site Hubbard model
 16 SHIMASAKI Shinji Complex Langevin method for systems with a complex action - a test in chiral random matrix theory for finite density QCD -
 17 ISHIHARA Masafumi A Holographic Realization of Ferromagnets
 18 NUMASAWA Tokiro Bulk local operators from cMERA
 19 TAKAHASHI Daisuke Self-consistent Bogoliubov-de Gennes soliton dynamics in unconventional and multicomponent Fermi superfluids
 20 OKAZAKI Tadashi AdS2/CFT1, Whittaker vector and Wheeler-DeWitt equation
 21 TANAKA Akinori Supersymmetric gauge theory on RP2 x S1 and mirror symmetry
 22 BHOWMICK Samrat AdS cosmology and gauge theory correlator
 23 HAMADA Yuta A solution to the naturalness problem based on the multi-local action
 24 ICHINOSE Shoichi Statistical Fluctuation of Radiation Field, Unruh Effect and Numerical Simulation


Poster Abstract (pdf file)
Poster session includes a gong show, in which poster presenters can introduce the abstract briefly for one minute. If you intend to apply for a poster presentation, select "yes" for "Poster session" in the Workshop registration form.

(alphabetical order)
 1 COPINGER Patrick Dynamically Assisted Chiral Magnetic Effect
 2 FUKUDA Masayuki SHc Realization of Minimal Model CFT: Triality, Poset and Burge Condition
 3 HASEGAWA Chika Extremal Surfaces in Asymptotic AdS Black Hole and Holographic Entanglement Entropy
 4 HOMMA Yoshinori Open Mirror Symmetry for Higher Dimensional Calabi-Yau Hypersurfaces
 5 HOSHINO Hironori Drift velocity of nonequilibrium steady state in AdS/CFT
 6 HOTTA Kenji Thermal Vacuum State for Multiple Closed Superstrings in the Framework of Thermo Field Dynamics
 7  KAGIMURA Aya  Bosonization approach for atomic collapse “in graphene”
 8 KAWAMOTO Shoichi Size scaling of self gravitating polymers and strings
 9 KIKUCHI Ken AdS/CFT and local renormalization group with gauge fields
 10 KYONO Hideki Lax pairs on Yang-Baxter deformed backgrounds
 11  LAJKO Miklos  Chiral phases of SU(N) fermionic Mott insulators
 12 MIWA Akitsugu On quantum corrections of a string world sheet in the AdS/CFT correspondence
 13 MORI Hironori Superconformal index on RP2xS1 and mirror symmetry 2
 14  NISHIDA Mitsuhiro  Entanglement negativity of a free massless Dirac fermion on 2d torus
 15 OKUNO Shizuka Entanglement entropy in field theory on fuzzy sphere
 16 SAKAMOTO Junichi Yang-Baxter deformations of Minkowski spacetime
 17  SANNOMIYA Noriaki Supersymmetry breaking and Goldstone fermions in an extended Nicolai model
 18 SHIMIZU Kazuma Large N behavior of Mass-deformed ABJM Theory
 19 cancelled
 20  SONODA Akihiko  Universal turbulence on branes in holography
 21 SUGIMOTO Yuji The Enhancement of Supersymmetry in M-strings
 22 SUGITA Kazuhiro Singular Gauge Transformation and the Erler-Maccaferri Solution in Bosonic Open SFT
 23 TAKESUE Koki ADHM construction in eight dimension
 24  UMEDA Naoya  Random volumes from matrices
 25 WATANABE Noriaki On skein relations in class S theories
 26 YAMANAKA Masanori Matrix model and random matrix theory analysis of protein
 27 YOKOKURA Yuki Thermodynamic entropy as a Noether invariant

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12/1 (Tue) 9:00 18:30
12/2 (Wed) 9:00 18:00, 21:20
12/3 (Thu) 9:00 18:30
12/4 (Fri) 9:00

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○ December 2 (Wed), 18:00 ~21:00, @ Kenkyu-Honkan bldg. 1F , 4,000 yen (2,000 for students)

・ December 19, 2015(Talk slides added)
・ September 19, 2015

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