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KEK Theory Meeting (KEKPH06) on
Particle Physics Phenomenology
2/March(Thu.) - 4/March(Sat.) 2006
KEK 4th building 1F, Seminar Hall

The annual Theory Meeting on Particle Physics Phenomenology
(KEKPH06) will be held at KEK, 2-4 of March, 2006.

The topic of this meeting covers particle physics phenomenology
in general, including GUTs, SUSY physics, flavor physics,
perturbative QCD, Lattice gauge theory and Cosmology.
We aim to discuss recent developments in particle physics theories
and learn about the latest results and status of various ongoing
and planned experiments, directly from the experimentalists.

We have arranged invited review talks on Model Building,
Flux Compactification, Hadron Physics in Holographic QCD,
Lattice Gauge Theory, Cosmological Constant, and Large Scale
Structure of Universe on the theory side, while the invited talks
by experimentalists will cover a wide range of present and future
facilities including B-factory, Neutrino, Tevatron, HERA, LHC, ILC,
RHIC(spin physics), as well as recent results on measurements of
Cosmic Ray.

We welcome applications for 20 min. - 30 min. talks by the participants.
All the talks will be given in English.

All participants are asked to send by e-mail the registration
form attached below to:

Ms. Michiko Furutachi (Secretary)
Phone : (029)864-5393
FAX: (029)864-5755

Please write just `KEKPH06' on the subject line.
The deadline of the application is January 31, 2006.
When calling from abroad, (029) should be replaced by
the exit code +81-29.

The latest information of this meeting will be found at:

The programs and the talks at the previous meetings, KEKPH2005,
KEKPH04 can be found at:

If you have any comments or queries concerning this meeting,
please contact one of the organizers listed below.

Yours sincerely,

Shigeki Matsumoto
for the organizers

* We can book only twin rooms, shared with a roommate,
at the KEK dormitory.

* If you need support from KEK or wish to reserve a room at the KEK
dormitory, please complete the "Lodging Application Form"
and send it to us as an attachment of the KEKPH06 registration e-mail
(see below).

* For hotels outside KEK, please refer to the following web page.

Organizers: Andrew Akeroyd (
Mayumi Aoki (
Junpei Fujimoto (
Kaoru Hagiwara (
Shoji Hashimoto (
Hideo Itoh (
Takashi Kaneko (
Jiro Kodaira (
Shinji Komine (
Yoshimasa Kurihara (
Shigeki Matsumoto (
Kentarou Mawatari (
Nobuchika Okada (
Yasuhiro Okada (
Masataka Okamoto (
Eibun Senaha (
Hiroaki Sugiyama (
Norikazu Yamada (
Yu-Feng Zhou (
QiShu Yan (


Please fill out the following registration and lodging application
form and send to by e-mail with KEKPH06 in
the subject line.

+++++++ Registration Form +++++++

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KEK Theory Meeting (KEKPH06) on
Particle Physics Phenomenology
March 2-4, 2006
KEK 4th building 1F, Seminar Hall

1. Name:

2. Affiliation:
Supervisor (for student):

3. E-mail:

4. Address of your institute:

5. Period of attendance:

From ** - To **

6. Do you need support from KEK?
(Only local expenses can be supported for those participants
from abroad.)

Yes/No :

7. Would you like to reserve a room at the KEK dormitory?

Yes/No :

(If Yes.)
From ** To ** (** nights)

(Only shared twin bedrooms can be reserved during the meeting
period. If you have a preferred roommate, please
give his/her name.)

8. Would you like to give a talk? Yes/No :



----------------------- End of the registration form -----------------------

+++++++ Lodging Application Form +++++++

---------------------- cut here -------------------------------


Please complete all the lines with the * mark.

KEK Visitor Registration Form

To: the Director General, KEK
High Energy Accelerator Research Organization
1-1 Oho, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, 305-0801 Japan

I apply for the KEK visitor registration as follows.

Project Information:
Location of work at KEK: Theory Division
Visit purpose: Research discussions with the Theory Division members.

Personal Information:

Name(family,first,middle): *
Nationality: *
Birth date(YY/MM/DD): **/**/**
Gender(M/F): *

Affiliation: *
Department/Division: *
Mailing address: *

Phone: *
Fax: *
E-mail: *

Job title: *

Home address: *
Home phone number: *

Contact person at KEK:
Michiko Furutachi (5393,
Contact person in case of emergency:
Kaoru Hagiwara (5391,

Visiting period: From 2006/3/2 to 2006/3/4


------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------1---------2---------3---------4---------5---------6---------7--

We apologize that some of the items below are the same as those in the above form.

KEK lodging reservation form
1. name:
2. affiliation
: job:
3. e-mail:
4. itinerary: from mm/dd() till mm/dd() for x days
5. support from KEK: yes/no
6. use of airplane: yes/no

7. lodging: from mm/dd() night
till mm/dd() morning
for x nights

----------------------- End of the application form -----------------------
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