Hadron hall beamlines (as of July 7, 2016)

In the Hadron experimental hall, there are three beamlines.
Two separating charged beamlines K1.8, K1.8BR
and one neutral line KL.

Hall Layout

Characteristics of charged lines

Notice: Beam sizes and inetensities at the final focus are designed values.

Beamline K1.8 K1.8BR
Maximum momentum [GeV/c] 2.0 1.2
Length [m] 45.9 27.6
Production angle [deg] 6 6
Acceptance [msr*%] 1.4 2.5
@ Final focus
Horizontal beam size (rms[mm]) 20 6
Vertical beam size (rms[mm]) 3 3
K- intensity expected
@ 30GeV, 4.5E13 protons, Pt tgt
5-6E5 @1.1-1.9GeV/c with K-/pi- 1:1 2E5 @1.0GeV/c with K-/pi- 1:2
3E5 @1.8GeV/c with K-/pi- = 6:1