Hadron, Nuclear, and Quantum Field Theory Group

This group conducts theoretical studies on hadron/nuclear physics and quantum fields. Current topics include hadronic interaction and high-energy hadron scattering in QCD, structure functions of the nucleon and nuclei, quark-hadron matters, nuclei with strangeness, string theory, gauge theories, and fundamental aspects of quantum mechanics.

Seminar (up to FY2011)

Workshop (up to FY2008)


Name Position Field Room E-mail
DOTE, Akinobu Associate Lecturer Nuclear physics 310 dote-AT-post.kek.jp
ITAKURA, Kazunori Associate Lecturer Hadron physics, strong-field physics 309 kazunori.itakura-AT-kek.jp
KUMANO, Shunzo Professor Hadron and nuclear physics 313 shunzo.kumano-AT-kek.jp
MIZOGUCHI, Shun'ya Associate Lecturer String theory 311 mizoguch-AT-post.kek.jp
MORIMATSU, Osamu Associate Professor Hadron physics 314 osamu.morimatsu-AT-kek.jp
TSUTSUI, Izumi Associate Professor Quantum field theory, Foundation of Quantum Mechanics 312 izumi.tsutsui-AT-kek.jp

Postdoctoral fellows

Name Position Field Room E-mail
ICHIKAWA, Tsubasa Research Fellow Quantum information 320 tsubasa-AT-alice.math.kindai.ac.jp
IMAZATO, Harunobu Research Fellow String theory 320 imaza-AT-post.kek.jp
Ozaki, Sho PD Researcher Hadron physics 318 sho-AT-post.kek.jp
SASAKI, Toshihiko Research Fellow Quantum information,
Foundations of quantum mechanics
319 tsasaki-AT-post.kek.jp
YATA, Masaya Research Fellow String theory 318 yata-AT-post.kek.jp
YOSHIDA, Yutaka Research Fellow String theory 218 yyoshida-AT-post.kek.jp

Graduate students

Name Position Field Room E-mail
KONISHI, Nariatsu D4 (Tokyo univ.) Hadron physics 320 atsunak-AT-post.kek.jp
FUJITSUKA, Masashi D3 (D5) (Graduate Univ. for Adv. Studies) String theory 320 fmasashi-AT-post.kek.jp
MORI, Takuya D3 (Tokyo univ.) Quantum physics 319 takumori-AT-post.kek.jp
MORITA, Tatsuya D3 (Tokyo univ.) Foundations of quantum mechanics 317 moritata-AT-post.kek.jp
FUKUDA, Kazuki D2 (D4) (Graduate Univ. for Adv. Studies) 317 fukuadk-AT-post.kek.jp
LEE, Jaeha D2 (Tokyo univ.) Mathematical Physics 317 jlee-AT-post.kek.jp
ARAI, Takashi D1 (Tokyo univ.) Hadron Physics 318 tarai-AT-post.kek.jp
KOGANEZAWA, Ryousuke M3 (Tokyo univ.) Foundations of quantum mechanics 319 kogane-AT-post.kek.jp
SAKAGUCHI, Tomoki D1 (D3) (Graduate Univ. for Adv. Studies) String theory 320 stomoki-AT-post.kek.jp
MATSUHISA, Katsuhiko M2 (Tokyo univ.) 317 matsuhis-AT-post.kek.jp
TAKABE, Takefumi M1 (Tokyo univ.) 317 takabe-AT-post.kek.jp
MORISAWA, Noritomo M1 (Tokyo univ.) 317 morisawa-AT-post.kek.jp


Name Room E-mail
SAKURAI, Michiyo 323 michiyo-AT-post.kek.jp

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Hadron, Nuclear, and Quantum Field Theory Group
Phone: +81-29-879-6100

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