J-PARC Information systems

In 2009, when J-PARC commenced operation, the total number of hosts on JLAN increased to over 2150 and was still increasing at a rate of 140% per year (Fig. 4-4-2-3). SINET3 information network (http://www. has linked the J-PARC Tokai site and KEK Tsukuba site via a 1-Gbps bandwidth L2VPN link since Oct. 2008. Thanks to the support of the Japan National Institute of Informatics (NII), which manages the SINET network, the link bandwidth was doubled to 2 Gbps just before the J-PARC 2009 autumn run and has been planned to be expanded up to 10 Gbps by FY2011.

J-PARC provides computing resources of 1600 SPECint06 computing power, 150 TB RAID disks, and 2 PB tape libraries in the KEK Central Information system at the Tsukuba site. The link speed-up of the two sites is expected to enhance the J-PARC experiment data analysis.

(from 2009 KEK annual report)