Central Information System

The KEKCC system contains a Central Information System to cater to the demands of the research on particle physics, nuclear physics, the photon factory, neutron science, accelerator development, theory computation, etc. Experiment groups of the J-PARC project are the primary users of this system. In addition, this system provides information infrastructure environments such as Web and e-mail services for the KEK staff and supports the research activity of the KEK and research collaborations.

In FY2009, the hadron experiment group, which is one of the J-PARC projects, was the most prominent user of this system in terms of both CPU utilization and storage availability. The overall CPU utilization was approximately 50% on an average, 56% of which was by the hadron group. Moreover, the accumulated data of the hadron group on disk storage was increased from 25 to 36 TB and that on the HPSS was increased from 150 to 300 TB. The T2K group, another J-PARC project, started the transfer of experimental data from the Tokai campus to the Tsukuba campus, and accumulated 13 TB of data on the HPSS.

The iRODS system, which is one of the data management systems of the J-PARC projects, started a new Web interface service that caters to the demands of users. Users are now able to access a logical file system provided by iRODS via a Web browser without installing the client software.

The KEK wiki, one of the Web services, is a system that allows several users to edit contents via a web browser for the research projects. The number of registration accounts on this system was 88, and the number of registration space was 49 in total, 24 for global space and 25 for personal space.

(from 2009 KEK annual report)