Materials and Life Science Facility (MLF) of J-PARC is a user facility that provides neutron and muon sources for experiments. The basic concept of the analysis environment in MLF for neutron scattering is to provide a software framework that has common and generic analysis functionalities for neutron-scattering experiments. The framework, Manyo-Library, is a C++ framework and class library; it is based on object-oriented methodology. Manyo-Library is a software infrastructure that provides software for many methods such as data input/output functions, data-analysis functions, and distributed data processing [1]. Because any data container in the Manyo- Library can be written in the NeXus format (http://www., the data files can be read in their laboratory. User software applications and data-analysis software have been developed for each instrument on the framework; the object-oriented approach allows many users to collaboratively maintain and improve the framework as well as the software applications for the long term.

In FY2009, we have improved the efficiency in the data-converting process from event-data- to histogramdata- format, data input/output functions and networkdistributed data processing environment with the multithreading library (OpenMP) and the serialization library (Boost C++).

Simulation tools for understanding experiment results are also included in the data analysis environment. The experiment results of ring polymers in bulk was discussed and explained by the Monte-Carlo simulation and the self-consistent theory [2].

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(from 2009 KEK annual report)