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We are developing a compact table-top proton synchrotron and a very small Carbon ion Synchrotron for Radiotherapy under contract with NIRS (National Institute of Radiological Science) and other institutes with the grant of the Ministry of Education and Science. We have succeeded in developing High Field 3-T Dipole Magnet with the bending radius of 0.72m which is suitable for this purpose. Further developments of various devices are underway.
World highest record of RF acc. gradient of 60 kV/m by the 0.4m metallic alloy core cavity with 2 gaps in June 22, 2004.

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Achievement in Year 2001 & later
Pulse Power Supply feeds 200kA at Peak current producing the peak field of 3T.

Progress in Year2002 & later
Quad simulation, Model Cavity for Performance check

By cortesy of BINP for the design report and drawings

Contact persons in due are

K. Endo, Z. Fang, K. Egawa, S. Yamanaka